Prismaccess is a global HTA & Pricing database.

The unique HTA solution to optimise your drug’s market positioning.

Prismaccess contains a comprehensive, detailed record of HTA authorities’ decisions extracted into easy to navigate summaries.

Prismaccess allows you to identify key data and comparator products performances allowing you to build your Pricing & Reimbursement dossier in accordance with the needs of the regulators and payers.

Optimize your chance to get the appropriate reimbursement in a specific country

Prismaccess provides data and information on all pharma & biotech products during initial and subsequent evaluations by national authorities on HTA markets.

Identify payer and HTA requirements Prismaccess provides:
  • An integrated service to support decision making at all stage of the product’s life
  • A centralized information
  • Insider’s top European HTA data as well as other major HTA markets
  • Detailed information on product recommendations, clinical and economic limitations
  • A unique competitor watch and survey on clinical, economic and pricing data giving the insights into model construction
Elaborate a convincing economic, clinical and environmental case for your target drug
Build the optimum value story for external and internal customer

MARKET ACCESS decision makers, HEOR departments,

R&D managers, BUSINESS & DEV directors

Your satisfaction is our success

We provide insight to 9 out of 10 largest pharma companies, medium and small pharma and biotechs, finance and insurance companies, institutions and government agencies.